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For Teens

Teens have their own space just for them that includes a “breakout room” for small group work. Besides two walls loaded with fiction titles, the teen collection has two rounders full of Manga. It’s the perfect spot for teens to meet.

Teen Advisory Board (TAB)

Is a group of high school students committed to making our library a welcoming place for teens in the community and creating teen only events for themselves and other teens in the Village to enjoy. If you are interested in joining, contact Amy Kaplan at abgkaplan@briarcliffmanorlibrary.org.

Teen events

Teen events for 9th-12th graders are held throughout the year and are hosted by the library’s Teen Advisory Board. Sign up for our online newsletter so you don’t miss these events

Teen clubs

Such as Dungeons & Dragons and Manga Advisory Committee meet periodically throughout the year.
Contact Amy Kaplan at abgkaplan@briarcliffmanorlibrary.org if you are interested in learning more.

Teen Room

Is a space for 7th – 12th graders only to spend time doing homework, working together on group projects, finding new books to read, and just to be themselves and hang out for a while.