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OUTDOOR Summer Reading Wednesdays, 11 am - 6 pm

This summer we are bringing a bit of the Children's Room outside on Wednesdays (weather depending.) Masks are required (for adult and children age 2+).

On summer reading Wednesdays you can:
  • Check in with the Children's/Teen Librarian
    Drop by the outside Children's Room desk any time to check in about your summer reading progress. You can select your prize and/or pick up any summer reading prizes you had earned previously.

  • Select some books
    We will bring out a selection of books to choose from that you can check out. We will have a sampling of books that are on the Briarcliff Schools summer reading lists, and a cart with new books & the librarian's favorites for all ages.

  • Open Crafts in the Park (until 5:30 pm)
    We will have small kits of random crafts materials for kids to take and create with. We encourage you to bring your own towel/blanket to craft at a safe social distance away from others and show us your creation!

  • "Challenge a Week" Activities
    Each week we will have an activity set up for families/kids to enjoy at their own pace. You can grab the activity sheet/directions at the outdoor Children's Room desk and get started!