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Disclaimer for use of LibraryElf.com

LibraryElf.com ("ELF") is a personal check-out library information monitoring tool developed and maintained by JANDI Enterprises Inc. JANDI Enterprises Inc. ("JANDI") is a private corporation. JANDI does not hold agreements, contracts or is in any way associated with Westchester Library System ("WLS") or it's Member Libraries ("Members").

If you become a user of ELF, you agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password. WLS and its Members cannot provide assistance on the use of ELF. Prior to becoming a user of ELF you should read and understand the Terms of Use of the Service as well as the Privacy Policy of JANDI.

WLS and its Members do not have access to alter the information stored on JANDI servers. If your ELF account becomes corrupted or your data becomes invalid the user is responsible bringing resolution to any situation that may occur.

Be aware that you are disclosing Personally Identifiable Information ("PII") to third party when you register to use ELF. PII is a term used to describe your name, telephone number and other personal information. WLS and its Members do not have control over what ELF or JANDI do with your PII.

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