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Kids' Reviews: Kids of all ages that live in Briarcliff Manor, NY are encouraged to submit their thoughts on books. The review doesn't have to be anything fancy - it might be as simple as letting us know if you like it or not! If you wish to add a little more about why you liked it and what it was about, that would be GREAT - but not required.

Parents' Reviews: Parents are always looking for ideas from other parents about what book finally turned their child on to reading, or what picture books you didn't even mind reading over and over again. Maybe you want to share an old family favorite, or the title of the newest novel your child just devoured, or the newest picture book that you and your child just loved; and just because you're the parents doesn't mean that your reviews have to be any more "fancy" than the kids'…

Librarian's Reviews: Amy Kaplan, Children's Librarian, is always reading as many children's books as she can and will contribute one review per month on what she's reading lately.

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