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Useful Links for Homework Help

BMPL Reference Pathfinder
A great resource to find reliable online information about famous people, US states, US government, and countries of the world.

Teach-nology: Math Help
A fine listing is available here of several different free online math sites that have practice quizzes, flashcards, lessons, tables, and tutors for a range of math levels. Each site offers something a little different than the others, but a particularly great site found here is:

Essay Punch
This walks you step by step through writing an essay so that you will grow familiar with the process and know where to begin when you are staring at that assignment and a blank page.

Guide to Grammar and Writing
This is an excellant straight-forward presentation of proper grammar… like where do those quotation marks go when there is a comma? when on earth is it whom not who? and how do I keep my tenses straight? Powerpoint presentations are also prepared for some easy viewing grammar lessons.

Foreign Language Dictionaries
Please note: The following dictionaries are the best found for free and online in the given languages. It can be dangerous using simpler translation services for the purpose of homework assignments because they avoid the complexity of the words. [e.g. in English we use the one word fish to mean: singular fish, plural fish, verb of fish, fish as food, etc. In other languages, there are distincly different words for all of these meanings.] Use the Google translator or Babelfish for fun… use more thorough dictionaries to help you through that paragraph you are trying to write for school.
Spanish/English Dictionary

French/English Dictionary

Italian/English Dictionary

German/English Dictionary

Latin/English Dictionary
Select W. Euro from the left menu bar and then select Latin Dictionary. (This site could also be useful for other languages and may nicely compliment the Italian dictionary that is listed above which is not as ideally thorough as some of the others.)

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