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This website is intended to be a portal to online information resources about reading aloud to children.

Although this site is primarily intending to serve as a guide to parents and caregivers, other persons with interest in reading aloud to children will also find a wealth of applicable resources here. If you find that information about a certain aspect of this subject is lacking, or if you find that a particularly useful resource in this regard has been omitted, please contact me.

Why Is It Important to Read to Your Child?

When you read aloud to your child, you open up a new world for them: a world of success in school, confidence in reading for themselves, vivid imagination and intimate connections with you. The following articles discuss the range of benefits that are realized when you regularly read aloud to your child:

  • Why Read Aloud to Children? Jim Trelease's pamphlet
    This pamphlet makes a very strong case for why it is essential for parents to read aloud to children, even when they can read themselves.

  • The Read Aloud Difference
    You will find a nice summary here of why reading aloud to children is important. It will also link to further explanation about benefits in communication, bonding, language development, attention span and listening skills.

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